3 ELLALAN Lawyers Passing the First Ever GBA Legal Professional Exam!


Massive congratulations to Alan Chiu (Managing Partner), Simon Wong (Partner) and Vivian Or (Counsel) for passing the Greater Bay Area Legal Professional Exam with flying colours!
The Greater Bay Area Legal Professional Exam is a pilot programme implemented by the PRC Ministry of Justice for Hong Kong lawyers to qualify to practise law in Mainland China, and the exam took place on 31 July this year.
By obtaining this qualification, it allows our lawyers to practise Chinese civil and commercial law through ELLALAN (Guangdong) Law Office (a fully licensed PRC law firm established in June 2021) and appear in court in 9 cities within the Guangdong Province.
Alan Chiu is excited by this achievement and commented, “this will no doubt further enhance our cross-border service offerings and foster our strength in helping Hong Kong and overseas clients to navigate the PRC legal system, and meanwhile assisting Mainland clients (especially those based in the Greater Bay Area) to expand their business overseas.”
We very much look forward to seeing more and closer collaborations between Hong Kong and China legal professionals, as well as contributing to the legal, social and economic developments of the Greater Bay Area.