Personal Injuries

The busy and crowded living condition in Hong Kong makes accidents occurred frequently. When a person suffers injuries during an accident, whether such injuries are physical or psychological, he may have a claim for his losses and damages under personal injuries against the wrongdoer.Some common examples of accidents that may cause personal injuries include road traffic accidents, medical negligence, accidents at work, slip and fall accident, and assault (whether intentionally or negligently). A claimant of a personal injuries case not only may claim his medical expenses and losses of income when he was receiving treatment, but may claim for his pain, suffering and losses of amenities, his losses of income after the trial and his permanent losses of earning capacity. 

Personal Injuries cases are specialty cases and must comply with the rules and procedures set out in Practice Direction 18.1 which includes specified pre-action protocol and case management procedures. It is important that the potential claimant consult experience solicitor about his case before commencing an action to avoid possible adverse cost order.