Ella Cheong, JP inducted into the IP Hall of Fame by IAM


Utmost congratulations to our Senior Partner Ella Cheong, JP for being inducted into the IP Hall of Fame by the leading IP publication – IAM 

The IP Hall of Fame honours individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of IP law and practice. Ella is recognized as one of the best IP lawyers in Asia and was an all-round IP pioneer in Hong Kong.


“It is an incredible honour to be inducted into the IAM IP Hall of Fame. I am stunned. I have been practicing in the field of intellectual property for a while and have been absolutely honest in my advice with every client on the issue at hand, even if it means not securing the case, but in any event always try my utmost best for each and every client, irrespective of size.  I believe this is why I have been nominated and awarded the honour for which I thank the Academy members of IAM.”

Ella Cheong, JP