Online personal data protection across China, Hong Kong and Singapore


In recent years, usage of e-commerce has surged across Asia. Driven by the sturdy growth of China, Asia is currently the largest region by sales revenue of internet retailing. With the introduction of digital wallet services and mobile payment, it is expected that usage of such payment platform will widen its scope to more business sectors. Given the present quantum of cross border digital transactions, the trend of outsourcing and entrusting personal data processing work by data users to their agents becomes increasingly common.

As such, there is a stronger need for an up-to-date online privacy protection in Asia. Recently, China has introduced new privacy laws, amendments and proposed bills to cope with the rapid changes in the digital area. In particular, it has also dealt with the transfer of personal data across the border.

This Article provides an overview of the present frameworks and the recent developments in the online privacy protection in Hong Kong, China and Singapore from our insight for the drafting of online privacy policy for businesses.


Publisher: ExpertGuides

Author :  Ella Cheong, Senior Partner (

Date :      30 August 2017